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Originally baptism was an act of Christian initiation undertaken only by adults. In time Christian parents asked that their children also be made members of the Church, hence the service in which children are baptised, and at which their parents and godparents make the decision on their behalf. In time the young person reaches an age when they are able to make this decision for themselves, and they come for Confirmation.

Baptism is a serious commitment and a family celebration. It is something to think about seriously as bringing small children to church on a regular basis is not an easy undertaking. It takes time, determination and commitment. Baptisms are arranged by first of all ringing our Parish Office, the details are in the Contacts section. We have a team of baptism visitors who will call on local families to help with the arrangements and to welcome you to St Mary’s.


Weddings within Church of England services are a wonderful way to begin a new life together. The bride and groom make their vows before God and in the presence of their family and friends. At St Mary’s we are delighted to celebrate the marriage of many couples. And yes we welcome confetti!

A church service offers both an opportunity to capture a vision for the years to come, and fulfils all the legal requirements under British Marriage Law. Under current legislation couples may marry at the parish church where either of them lives, or where either or them are a member of the church’s electoral roll.

In addition couples may marry in a Church of England parish:
Where either of them was baptised or confirmed
Where their parents/grandparents were married
A parish where either of them, or their parents*, has previously lived for at least 6 months
A church where either of them, or their parents*, has attended worship for at least 6 months
* This must have been within the lifetime of the couple themselves.

It might all sound a bit complicated, but it is really quite simple. So if you would like to know any more please ring the Parish Office, the details are under the Contacts section.

A member of the clergy team will meet with each couple and guide you through all the arrangements.


Are you looking to honor and commemorate the life of a loved one with a meaningful and dignified funeral service?

At St Mary Without-the-Walls, we understand the importance of providing a supportive and comforting environment during this difficult time. Our caring team is here to guide you through all the arrangements, ensuring that every detail is taken care of with the utmost respect and sensitivity.

With our beautiful and historic St Marys venue, you can find solace in a serene and tranquil setting to pay your final respects. Trust us to help you create a memorable service that truly reflects the life and legacy of your loved one.

Contact our Parish Office today for more information and let us assist you in honoring their memory.