Refugee Week 2024 – 16-23 June

At Home in our City

Across the globe many of us move, be it for work or to be near family. For some, it is not a choice but an escape – many have seen war destroy their homes, community and land whilst others have lost any sense of home due to violence and persecution.

We may call Chester our home, but what is home – a feeling, memories, a building, community, our shared Earth?

‘At Home in our City’ is the theme chosen by the Chester City of Sanctuary Group to celebrate Refugee Week 2024, 16-23 June. City of Sanctuary is a charity working to foster a welcome for those forced to leave their homes though violence or persecution.

This year groups across Chester and beyond are organizing events and activities throughout the week.

The Chester City of Sanctuary group invites you to join us in the Cathedral grounds off St Werburgh Street, where we hope to cover our gazebo with ideas of home and messages of welcome. There will be paintings and poems by refugees, a quiz and more!

We will be there:

Sunday, 16 June      10.00am to 4.00pm

Mon.-Thurs,               11.00am to 3.00pm

Sat.-Sunday 23rd      10.00am to 4.00pm

This year, whilst celebrating home, we can act in solidarity together to ensure all who find themselves here feel safe, welcome and ‘at home in our city’.

For more information please contact:

Open the Refugee Week Leaflet