An Evening of Music at St. Marys with The Queen’s School Choir

An hour spent in St Mary’s church at one of the monthly Music by the Bridge concerts is always an hour more than well spent.

The Queen’s School Choir

The concert given by musicians from the Queens School was no exception. The high standard of each performance, whether it was the cellist, pianist, solo voice or the entire chamber choir, captivated the attention of their audience, from the beginning to the end of the concert.

The girls were not only proficient at their craft, but also seemed to be enjoying the experience of sharing the musical pieces with the audience. The vibrancy and informality of their conductor and the accompanist, added to the most enjoyable of evenings.

The concert concluded with a complimentary glass of wine/juice and a donation collection in aid of St Mary’s Choral Scholarship scheme.

The Queen's School Choir