Sunday 12th May 2024

This year we shall be holding the APCM Meetings in Church on Sunday 12th May at 12 noon after the 10.30am Eucharist and a post-service coffee break. The Meeting for the Election of Churchwardens will take place at 12 noon followed directly by The Annual Parochial Church Meeting.

The main function of the APCM Meetings is to receive and discuss various reports from the PCC, to conduct elections for the Churchwardens and for our lay representatives on the PCC, and to appoint Independent Examiners of the Church Accounts.

  • Our two Churchwardens are elected on an annual basis and have usually had previous experience as members of the PCC.
  • General elections to the PCC take place in line with Diocesan rules. Depending on the Electoral Roll total there can be up to 15 elected PCC members who, generally, serve for three years with one third being elected each year. This year it is anticipated that there will be three PCC vacancies to be filled by new nominees.
  • All lay persons who have been registered for six months on the Electoral Roll of the Parish are entitled to attend and take part at both meetings.
  • The PCC meets just four times a year usually on a Monday evening in the St. Mary’s Handbridge Centre. In addition a member of the PCC will be allocated a cluster group, Frequency of meetings is determined by the Cluster Chair but this is usually not less than four times a year.

Enthusiasm, positive ideas and a questioning approach are all very welcome qualities on the PCC and new members are very welcome! All your previous interest and experience, including skills and hobbies generally, could have significance. So, if you would like to find out more, please do ask!

This could be YOUR chance to “have a say” in our shared ministry and management at St. Mary’s.

Thank you

Mavis Sellers

PCC Sec.
(Tel. 07715050850)