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Discover the joy of community and faith at St. Mary Without the Walls. Let us inspire and support you on your spiritual journey. Join us today and experience the warmth and love of our St. Mary’s family.

Handbridge Centre

Opened in 2018, this new community facility serves businesses, not for profit organisations, and charities, as well as groups with formal connections to the parish church.

Faith - Hope - Compassion

Sometimes it is difficult the find that inner peace that we all long for. If we open our minds, our souls and our hearts to the infinite possibilities that lie before us, we can, through embracing the power of faith, hope and compassion, open the seemingly locked door to that inner peace. Here at St Mary Without The Walls, you will find a community that, whilst not having all the answers, can help and support you on your journey towards finding the peace of God within you. We strive to live by faith, hold fast to hope and show compassion to one another.

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The Church is open for quiet prayer on Tuesday to Thursday from 10-12. Please note on Thursdays that is from 10.45 to 12 following the 10 am service.

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Refugee Week

Refugee Week

Refugee Week 2024 - 16-23 June At Home in our City Across the globe many of us move, be it for work or to be near family. For some, it is not a choice but an escape - many have seen war destroy their homes, community and land whilst others have lost any sense of home...

Thank you – Duke and Duchess of Westminster

Thank you – Duke and Duchess of Westminster

Thank you so much to the Duke and Duchess of Westminster for sharing some of the beautiful flowers that graced the Cathedral on the occasion of their wedding on 7th June. We really appreciate their thoughtfulness.

A Very Special Music by The Bridge

A Very Special Music by The Bridge

A Very Special Music by The Bridge The choir at St Mary’s has steadily over the past couple of years expanded in terms of numbers and repertoire. This is your chance to come and experience them especially if you haven’t been able to get to church. Several young...